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Make Huge Money Online By Selling Your Products

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How To Sell your products on Etransaction And Make Cool Money

Etransaction is a website developed by A Nigerian programmer and web developer, Gabriel Obihara. Etransaction is like a building with many shops for rent. It provides you with opportunity to sell your products like Phone, Computer Gadgets, Scripts, E-books, Website etc. It is like the popular Jumia but better than it. Etransaction serves as an intermediary between The seller and the buyer in a sense that when a person is interested in buying a product listed by a seller and he contacts the seller to sell, they will both reach to an agreement on the money to pay and when they both agree, the buyer will pay for the item using Etransaction online payment measure and when the money has been received. Etransaction will wait till the buyer gets the product and then they’ll transfer the money to the seller when they reach an amount of ₦5000. NB:- Etransaction Takes 20% from every transaction completed.


On Etransaction you can register as a buyer only and can also register as both a buyer and a seller. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER You’ll see Two options when registering Choose Register As A Vendor Then start filling your details. Your Name Your Shop Name and URL After filling everything click on Register. Don’t forget to accept terms and conditions. A new page will pop up scroll down and click Let’s Go. NB: Your password has been sent to your email Then it’ll show you another page “STORE SETUP” this is where you set up your page address, name, configuration etc. After doing the necessities click on Next step Or bla bla. Next is the payment Method. This is where you’ll fill your bank account details that you’ll use to be receiving payments. After filling your bank details then click Next step Next is your Store is ready then click on Go To dashboard. Your Dashboard is where you manage all your transactions, products, your store settings etc.


Everyone registered as a vendor has his or her own store to sell his products. So if you need to add your own products. On your dashboard click on products. Then you’ll see Add New Product. Click on it. An inline page will pop up. Then you can enter the products Name, Picture, Price, Description etc. After you click on add Product it will bring another page where you can configure the product in full. Here you can choose whether the product is a downloadable or virtual product. If the product is downloadable you’ll have to choose it and you’ll upload the file for sale be it script, e-books etc. Then when a buyer makes payment he’ll be able to download it.

You Can Also Sell Your Website, Google Adsense Account Etc

You might be wondering how but Etransaction made it possible to do so. How? If you want to sell your website or Google Adsense account. You just have to add it as a product entering the price and description. The interested buyer will negotiate with you in the comment box. There when you both agree to the fixed price the buyer pays for it. Then The seller transfers the website / Adsense account to the buyer. When the transfer has been completed Etransaction will then transfer the money to The seller. Done And Sealed! If this Article help you please comment

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