Why WordPress Is Better Than Blogspot

Why WordPress is better than blogspot

Well, There are so many Arguments about this. “Which is the best between Blogspot and wordpress?”
Well as for me, I go for wordpress. Why?? I’ll let you know why I chose wordpress over blogspot in this article.


As stated above I’ve many reasons which I’m going to state some of them here.


The number One reason why I’m inlove with wordpress is because of the extensions (Plugins). Plugins are scripts which empower and give more functions to your blog. We have millions of wordpress plugins to aid and help in our blogs.
Let me say it in this way, Instead of you Developing a code to add more functions to your site, once you see a plugin suitable for that particular function, all you’ve to do it install the plugin and set it up. Blogspot has little or none of these plugins.
We have two types of plugin .

FREE PLUGINS:- Free plugins are those plugins that are free for you to use. You don’t need to pay for it before you can use the their services. We have millions of them. They are readily available in your dashboard. Just navigate to plugins, add plugins then search for them.

PREMIUM PLUGINS:- As the name goes, premium plugins requires for you to pay for them before you can get them. They are specially developed by Programmers who sells it. Trusted seller of premium plugins includes Code Canyon.

NB: There are also some plugins that some of the features are free. And if you wanna use the whole features you have to upgrade to premium which you have to pay for that


When we talk of themes and designs, wordpress got them all. Incredible Themes for your sport blog, magazine, news tutorials etc. Which you can easily access the free themes right in your dashboard. In blogspot there are some templates in your dashboard but they are just simple designs or let me say whack designs tho I can’t develop one o And to get the cool blogspot templates you need to visit a website to download like Soratemplates or kooyabi templates . But In wordpress, you’ll see those that fits perfectly with your business right in your dashboard. And if you like, there are also thousands of premium themes that you can purchase, they are very Good and interesting. We also have two types of themes

FREE THEMES:- Free themes are those themes that are free for you to use. You don’t need to pay for it before you can use the the design. We have millions of them. They are readily available in your dashboard. Just navigate to plugins, add plugins then search for them. Themes like Twenty Sixteen, MH magazine are very popular.

PREMIUM THEMES:- Premium themes are really interesting themes that can make your blog’s appearance look wow. They are really good and with heavy designs. Most popular and used premium theme is Newspaper.

Although Blogspot Also has incredible premium templates but still I prefer wordpress themes to it.


Well, we have blogspot blogs that rank high on Google Search engine and other search engines BUT Setting up a blogspot blog SEO is a very tedious Task and not easy. But with wordpress, the stress is not as much as using blogspot.
We’ve talked of plugins above, there are some particular wordpress plugins that makes your posts rank on google effectively. Plugins like Yoast Seo, All in one seo pack, SQUIRRLY Seo etc. Takes care of that. They give you tips on how to optimize your posts to rank well on search engines.


When it comes to uploading files on blogspot, you only have the chance to upload images and videos on the blog. Anything audio,e-book, scripts etc, you can’t be able to upload it.
But in wordpress, you can upload anything upload’able’ It’s very welcome. That’s why so many people prefer using wordpress as a download website. In blogspot, you’ll have to look for an online file uploading website, upload your file then use the download link.


Sometimes the need arises to change anything in your theme. To change or edit anything on your template on blogspot using mobile phone is not possible or it might be but with a very good browser and amiable android phone of about android 6.0 or upward “MAYBE”. But on wordpress, you can edit your theme easily, you only need an advanced browser like puffin, chrome or UC browser.
You don’t have to go Into many stress to edit unlike blogspot where some even have to use Personal Computer in order to edit their template.

KelvzTech is an example of a blogspot site

CONCLUSION:- I’m not saying that blogspot is not good. Am just trying to clarify the fact that wordpress is better than blogspot. I hope I’m able to convince you with this article.

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I am Oladimeji Abubakar, A very young blogger and a writer. The sole founder of Ngcashnews.

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